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Affiliate TOS Page - Toys and Gadgets

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Affiliate TOS Page

A few basic Terms of Service:

Affiliates need to be South African Citizens with South African Bank Accounts.

Affiliates need to provide a copy of their ID, and letter from their bank with banking details before they will be paid out.

Minimum amount for payout is R100.00

There is no charge for payout to affiliates.

Three ranks exist, and these ranks are reset on the first of every month:

  • Blue, 5% commission, maximum payout R10000.00 – balance not transferable to next month, needs five successful referrals to move to Purple level.
  • Purple, 10% commission, maximum payout R15000.00 – balance not transferable to next month, needs ten successful referrals to move to Gold level.
  • Gold, 15% commission, maximum payout R20000.00, balance not transferable to next month.

On all ranks commission for lifetime referrals is 15%.

No targets to achieve.

No payments to become an affiliate.

Affiliates earn commission on their own purchases and those referrals count towards your ranking promotions.

No material not approved by Toys and Gadgets allowed for marketing – only material provided in the Creatives. Affiliates are welcome to submit material for approval to be used by ALL affiliates.

NO SPAM ALLOWED. If any complaints are received accounts of offenders will be terminated without obligation to pay out any balances.