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Toys and Gadgets - This is where the fun begins
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Toys and Gadgets

This is where the fun begins

We bring you toys and gadgets for young and old

All ages are welcome

Our toys and gadgets are for all ages & tastes and we are confident you will find something you will like.

Educational items are our priority

We strive towards finding educational items – something that will keep the mind occupied.

Function is also important

Not only will you find items her to sharpen your brain, you also will find gadgets to sharpen your life.

Play keeps us young at heart

Sometimes you will come across a silly-billy thingamagic. Just for fun. Because we never get too old to play.

Secure payment – nothing dicey here

We make use of Payfast as a secure online payment solution.

Various shipping options

To make sure you receive your items in a way that will work for you, we offer various shipping options.

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Visit our online shop to see what is on offer. We are confident we may have something you would like, or even better: You may find the ideal gift for that special person close to your heart.


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

We believe that one should never stop to play. Play is one of the most important fundamentals of the upbringing of children. The benefits are endless and here are only a few benefits:

  • Promotes confidence,
  • Promotes imagination,
  • Promotes independence,
  • Promotes creativity,
  • Allows the opportunity to build social skills.

Play is just as important for adults. It helps to (among others):

  • Relief stress,
  • Stimulate the mind,
  • Boost creativity,
  • Connect with others and build relationships,
  • Makes you feel young and energized.

So, next time someone tells you they are bored, PLAY WITH THEM. It does not matter what you play – board games, build a puzzle, kick a ball around, play a round of cards, build a farm, a zoo, or a “Jurassic Park” – everyone involved will benefit.



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Our Team

Chris Ke-Lis


Believer in eternal fun as a play a day keeps the doctor away. When we run out of water to sail on it means he has played too hard. He sometimes steers us in the right direction.

Irma Ke-Lima

1st Mate

Runs this ship with an Iron Fist. She makes sure our stock is listed and ships (no pun intended J) your orders.
No kidding!

Koos Ke-Toos


Make sure all our products are safe to use and test pilots all new items. If Koos will sail on it, you may safely board the ship.

Brenda Ke-Lêma

Chief Engineer

Make sure our ship stays afloat. She keeps the engines running and also makes sure the lifeboats are in place and will save us all when disaster strikes.

This is where the fun begins!

(But also a lot of benefit for all who love to play)


We are an online shop only, open 24/7 and offer various methods to our customers in which they can have their orders delivered

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