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We believe that one should never stop to play. Play is one of the most important fundamentals of the upbringing of children. The benefits are endless and here are only a few benefits:

  • Promotes confidence,
  • Promotes imagination,
  • Promotes independence,
  • Promotes creativity,
  • Allows the opportunity to build social skills.

Play is just as important for adults. It helps to (among others):

  • Relief stress,
  • Stimulate the mind,
  • Boost creativity,
  • Connect with others and build relationships,
  • Makes you feel young and energized.

So, next time someone tells you they are bored, PLAY WITH THEM. It does not matter what you play – board games, build a puzzle, kick a ball around, play a round of cards, build a farm, a zoo, or a “Jurassic Park” – everyone involved will benefit.